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...passed through universities with radiant cool eyes...

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Aureline's the name (Lena for short). To know me is to love me....I hope. I enjoy my life for the most part. Of course there are a few things I would change, but who wouldn't? I am at a cross roads in my life with religion, love, school, work, and a bunch of other things. Many people have told me that I have an old soul and am wise beyond my years; I don't know how true that is but its a nice thought. I value my friends and family and their opinions of me. I am easily offended, just keep that in mind. I love being helpful and having something to do. I have a lot of things that I want to accomplish in life but sometimes I psych myself out of them. Its something I'm working on. I always have a goal. I regret lots of things but I believe that without regret, you wouldn't be able to fully appreciate making good decisions. My journal is just a click away so by all means take a look.

Some qualities that I value:
A loving spirit
An open mind
Interest in education of some form
Athleticism (<<something I'm also jealous of) Sociability .Peace.